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Have a question I haven't answered? Email me here!

What services do you offer?

Product wise, I offer event signage, seating charts, place cards and custom pieces. 

Service wise, I offer live on-site calligraphy.

Read my services page here for further information.


Would you write my wedding vows? A quote for me to frame at home?

I would love to! I would be happy to send you a quote, which will depend on the size, number of words, any specific design elements, and the turnaround time required.


Do you rent your acrylic signs?

At this time, I only offer clear acrylic table numbers for rent. Any other acrylic signage of any size is only available for purchase.


Can I provide you with my own sign for you to do the calligraphy on?

Absolutely! Keep in mind that if you are not interested in acrylic signage, I also have mirrors to rent


What style of calligraphy do you offer?

If you are purchasing an acrylic piece from me, I am open to adapting to other styles, whether it be modern or traditional (e.g. copperplate, spencerian or italic). For any other surface, my style of calligraphy is modern. For paper, I only offer modern calligraphy as I primarily work with brush pen. 

I also offer block lettering to complement my style of calligraphy.


Where can I see samples of your work?

You can find samples of my work best on Instagram. I also regularly update my Facebook and Pinterest.


Can I send inspiration photos?

Yes, please! I always encourage my clients to send me inspiration photos to ensure we are on the same page of what you envision. However, please keep in mind I will not duplicate other calligraphers' work.


How much notice do you need before I book your services?

I require a minimum 2 weeks notice. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need anything sooner! I can try my best to accommodate your request with my calendar for an additional rush fee.  

If your order involves a seating chart and/or place cards, please let me know as soon as possible so I can reserve your date in my calendar. This is because the details of these items are not often finalized until closer to the event date. Reserving your date with me ensures I have the flexibility to accommodate any last minute changes to the details of your signage.


Are you able to come to my event venue to work on a large-scale piece?


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