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Live On-Site Calligraphy

I provide live on-site calligraphy for wedding receptions, luxury retailers, brand activations, corporations, and company parties in the Metro Vancouver area. Scroll down to see some examples of my past events. You can also view them on my Instagram highlights here.

While you're at it, why don't you download my live on-site calligraphy brochure to keep handy?

What is live on-site calligraphy?

Live calligraphy, on-site calligraphy, and live on-site calligraphy are all interchangeable terms to refer to a calligrapher (me!) setting up a table at your special event in which your guests can come by and ask to have an item of your choice personalized - maybe with their name, a quote, or a company slogan for instance.

Live on-site calligraphy is a great form of entertainment to upscale your event and gives your guests the opportunity to feel more special.

Let's continue the conversation! Want to make your event more special? Contact me here!

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